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Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in a course provided by iNetwork Experts, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions (these “Terms and conditions of enrolment”).
A reference in these terms and conditions to “we,” “us” or “our” is a referred to iNetwork Experts. In case of any assistance or clarification with any of the below points, you can reach to us at info@inetworkexperts.com or call +91-8336907306.

1. Your declaration:

1.1 By registering for a training course with us, you:

  1. Verify that the details you have actually provided us with your enrolment are complete, accurate as well as appropriate at the time it is provided.

  2. Verify that you have accessibility to an appropriate workplace if required to satisfy training course criteria; to a computer system with a net connection and Microsoft Office software program or comparable; the capacity to access YouTube; and any kind of added hardware, software as defined on our site for the training course where you are registering.

  3. Affirm that you have actually gone through and also comprehended all the information in this file, the appropriate policies web links, as well as our Code of ethical values which you consent to act upon them.

  4. Acknowledge that it is your obligation to make sure that the individual information you give to us is maintained present. Any type of modifications to your name, address, e-mail address, mobile number, payment alternatives or financial information need to be sent out to us as quickly as possible with any kind of pertinent documents.

  5. Accept to keep an existing e-mail address whereby you can be contacted throughout of your training course, and also whereby we might interact officially with you by means of e-mail.

  6. Verify that you comprehend the difficulties in accessing an ideal workplace, specifically for evaluation tasks for trainees that are not of working age.

1.2 You concede that you may be prevented from enrolling with us or have your enrolment cancelled if we figure out that any one of the above declarations are incorrect, or you are otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions.

2. Payment terms:

2.1. By enrolling in a training course with us, you:

  1. Affirm that you have actually read through as well as understood the course fees related to your training course and also consent to pay your requisite fees

  2. Verify that if you are under 18 years, you have actually sent your parental approval form including their agreement to the payment of course fee arrangements.

2.2. If you fail to pay any part of the Course fee by the due date, we reserve the right to:

  1. Restrict access to our institute/ classrooms/ online learning environment

  2. Withhold marking of assessments and issuance of qualifications or statements of attainment for partial completion;

  3. Notify relevant credit agencies of your default.

2.3. If you are paying your Course fee in installments, you:

  1. Need to make use of a legitimate Debit/ Credit card or bank account;

  2. Have to consent to a Straight Debit Request Service Agreement;

  3. Should pay all such fee installments on or prior to the due dates; and will certainly be accountable to pay a late fine if course fee paid after due date.

  4. Continue to be responsible for overdue instalments event if you end up your training course early;

  5. Will indeed not be qualified to be given out with a certificate or diploma till you have actually paid your training course fee entirely;

  6. Will indeed not be qualified to be released with a declaration of accomplishment for a module till you have actually paid all course fee in regard to that module.

2.4. You acknowledge that the Course Fee doesn’t include:

  1. any hardware, software, printed materials (fees may apply if these are required) or equipment/ material for your course, as listed as requirements on our website;

  2. Travel or other personal costs (such as uniforms) associated with undertaking workplace assessments.

3. Withdrawal and refunds policy:

3.1. The course fee is entirely non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-adjustable in any case.

3.2. You are not eligible for a refund for modules already delivered.

3.3. If you do not finish the training course within its obligatory timeframe, your enrolment lapses without reimbursement unless you have actually paid a fee for an extension.

3.4. Training course fees will not be reimbursed as a result of a program modification (describe 'Changing course' listed below).

4. Course Change:

4.1. You are not permitted to change your training course without a prior intimation through application letter. Training course modification demand could merely be approved for an upgrade; no downgrade demand will be approved, training course can be altered with additional fee will be imposed depending upon the chosen program.

5. Code of Ethics:

5.1. iNetwork Experts Code of principles offers, for a clear understanding of the expectancies and obligations we anticipate from trainees taking part in our training courses with regard to individual and scholastic conduct. All trainees are required to adhere to these guidelines throughout of their involvement. Your guardian will certainly be notified in case of any kind of outrageous, indecent, harmful or offending actions against any individual in the institute.

6. Language and Literacy:

Trainees that have trouble with fundamental literacy, English language or various other areas of learning are asked to recommend us of this at the time of registration. We might manage to offer absolute support or refer the trainee to the ideal agency on a charge borne by the trainee.

7. Website Use:

7.1. By enrolling in a course with us, you’re expected to comply with the terms and conditions for using our websites and student platforms for the duration of your enrolment. If we consider that you’re not complying with these requirements, we may cancel your enrolment, which may result in your loss of fees. 

7.2 Some information collected by our website will not in itself identify you, but will provide information about your use of our website (for example ‘clickstream data’ or ‘cookies’). We may collect and use this data to track use of our website and/or to help improve our services. 

8. Privacy:

8.1. By enrolling in a training course with us you:

  1. Acknowledge that we might gather individual information (consisting of delicate details) regarding you for the purposes of registering you in your Training course, processing your enrolment application, handling your involvement in your Training course, boosting our services, as well as interacting with you concerning our services.

  2. Comprehend that we are obliged to reveal your individual information to appropriate government authorities as needed by legislation and for reporting purposes.

9. Our obligation:

9.1 Subject to these terms and conditions, iNetwork Experts:

  1. Agrees to provide you with access to our classroom and online learning environment, access to associated learning material and mentors

  2. Will reply to your queries throughout your course

  3. Mark and provide feedback on your performance in assessment exams

  4. Provide you with access to our student support services

  5. Issue certificate or diploma on successful completion of a training course

9.2 We may make modifications to your Training Course (consisting of modules, learning materials, and assessment procedure), to our policies and procedures from time to time, and reasonable changes to our course fee structure.

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