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Palo Alto Firewall Training in Kolkata

Palo Alto Firewall Training in Kolkata

What is Palo Alto Firewall?
Palo Alto is a city of California state in America. Wireless networks have now started to look like crowded streets of California during rush hour. For this reason, Palo Alto has introduced the Next Generation Firewall that includes many advanced features aiming to solve many of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) challenges.
Why to consider Palo Alto Firewall Solutions?
There lies 3 main reasons to consider having Palo Alto Firewall solutions as pointed out by the trainers of Palo Alto Firewall course training in Kolkata.
  1. Quantity and Quality of Applications: While there is faster speed, there is a higher chance for wireless and internal network to be attacked. Palo Alto Firewalls can control and monitor the applications at a certain level of functionality on a wireless network.
  2. Threat Management: Threat management is particularly important for administrators of large wireless networks. It is quite important for mobile device users to be brought onto the network safely and for this reason Palo Alto Firewall comes with protecting VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection as stressed by the trainers of Palo Alto Firewall training center in Kolkata.
  3. Device management: In case of Palo Alto, device management implies to the set up of the fundamental profiles that conduct state and setting of the device. It just makes sure that the device is out of any kind of risk and suitable to use as opined by the mentors of Palo Alto Firewall training institute in Kolkata.

Benefits of learning Palo Alto Firewall at iNetwork Experts:
Now, it comes to know about the benefits of Palo Alto Firewall course in Kolkata. Let’s find out the advantages of learning Palo Alto Firewall at iNetwork Experts:
  • With a Palo Alto Firewall Training classes in Kolkata, you can easily and quickly create several security rules, mirror of maximum business policies.
  • Getting trained with Palo course, you will be able to prevent unknown threats like encrypted traffic, a vast range of risks and attacks.
  • With the course, you will be able to access the latest innovations in network security operating platform.
  • It will also help you consume the latest cloud-delivered security services that hold a capability of automating a great number of security.
At last, Palo Alto training at iNetwork Experts promises you to give proper knowledge to secure your network along with safe enable options. Apart from this, this training center offers a world-class education training comprises of leading-edge training and certification.
Job Opportunities for Palo Alto Firewall experts:
“iNetwork Experts” - as the name implies, it makes specialists and the trainers are always focused on helping the trainees to build their career as per their expectation. iNetwork always provides 100% job support across the state, country, and the world.
Let’s find out which career options are waiting for you once you complete Palo Alto Firewall Coaching classes in Kolkata:
  • Palo Alto Consultant
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Architect - IT Network
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Researcher
  • Firewall/VPN Design Engineer
  • Network Security Architect
One thing that iNetwork Experts always suggests to follow your dream and work hard to accomplish it.

Course Duration

3 Months
>> 3 Months  (Theory + Practical + Interview Preparation)

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02-FEB-2020 at 10:00 am
12-FEB-2020 at 10:00 am

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Bipul Roy

Bipul Roy

CCIEx2 (RS/SP) #36690
CCIEx2 (RS/SP) #36690

Our industry expert trainer Mr. Bipul Roy worked in CISCO networking domain about 12 years and achieved double Expert level Certifications CCIE on Routing & Switching and Service Provider. He has Real World working experience from IT leading companies. 

Our Trainer is not only CCIE but have 12 years of Real world experience and have worked with several esteemed organizations like CISCO, IBM, AT&T etc. He has spent numerous years with different complex Networks, which make them unique in the industry. Now this is your chance to start your career and learn from the professionals.

Message from Mr. Bipul Roy :

"We provide training guarantee to get the JOB by your own, not fake promise of JOB guarantee. We prepare our Students such a way that they get JOB by their own knowledge. Most of our student get JOB before they finish their training. Because we believe on informative and smart training".

If You Really Want to Learn CCNA | CCNP | CCIE | AWS Technology, You are Welcome to iNetwork Experts. We have Kolkata's biggest CISCO LAB & Industry Experts Trainer. Join with us, get trained by Dual CCIE Trainer and learn technology with proper concept !!


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