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BGP & MPLS Live Online Training !!

About BGP & MPLS Course:

This BGP & MPLS course demonstrates the advanced implementation and troubleshooting of MPLS VPN networks and advanced features of BGP Protocol. This in depth and up-to-date BGP and MPLS training course will give you a thorough grounding in this complex routing senario. After completion of BGP and MPLS course you will be able to configure and maintain BGP & MPLS techologies with confidence thus ensuring the effective exchange of data across reliable and robust networks.

Our course primarily focuses on the theory and practical knowledge of BGP conguration and troubleshooting on CISCO routers. Every student after completion of the course will be able to deal smoothly with this platform. Our trainers make them learn in such a manner that nothing remains incomplete or doubtful. A candidate gets to know everything about this domain. Our program concentrates on both MPLS and MPLS VPNs Technologies. The training classes will make you an able person in handling, implementing and designing several network infrastructures.

iNetwork Experts is a leading BGP & MPLS live online training institute. Our Insdustry Experts Trainer will deliver the all core topics covered in BGP & MPLS syllabus, also will show you hands-on lab to make you an experts. Our BGP & MPLS training centers in Kolkata are well equipped for a students to get a proper learning environment. We are not only guiding our students to learn technology, also preparing for interview to get the Job.

Our Batch Type

Weekdays Weekends Fast Track

Course Delivery Mode

Course Duration

2 Months Theory + Hands-on Lab

Upcomming Batches

22-JUN-2020 Monday to Friday 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm (IST)
27-JUN-2020 Saturday & Sunday 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm

Course Training Syllabus

  • BGP Overview
  • Session Establishment
  • Path Attributes
  • Route Processing
  • Basic Configuration
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Understanding BGP Transit AS
  • IBGP and EBGP in a Transit AS
  • Forwarding Packets in a Transit AS
  • Configuring a Transit AS
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting IBGP in a Transit AS
  • Route Selection Using Policy Controls
  • Multi homed BGP Networks
  • Employing AS Path Filters
  • Filtering with Prefix Lists
  • Outbound Route Filtering
  • Applying Route Maps as BGP Filters
  • Implementing Changes in BGP Policy
  • Route Selection Using Attributes
  • BGP Route Selection with Weights
  • BGP Local Preference
  • AS-Path Prepending
  • BGP Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED)
  • Addressing BGP Communities
  • Customer-to-Provider Connectivity with BGP
  • Connectivity Requirements
  • Connectivity Using Static Routes
  • Single or Multiple Service Providers
  • Scaling Service Provider Networks
  • Scaling IGP and BGP in Service Provider Networks
  • Designing Networks and Route Reflectors
  • Configuring and Monitoring Route Reflectors
  • Configuring and Monitoring Confederations
  • Optimizing BGP Scalability
  • Improving BGP Convergence
  • Limiting the Number of Prefixes Received from a BGP Neighbor
  • Implementing BGP Peer Groups
  • BGP Route Dampening
  • MPLS Concepts
  • MPLS Labels and Label Stack
  • MPLS Applications
  • MPLS Label Assignment and Distribution
  • Discovering LDP Neighbors
  • Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes
  • Frame-Mode MPLS Implementation on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • CEF Switching
  • Configuring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Monitoring Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Troubleshooting Frame-Mode MPLS
  • MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology
  • VPN Categorization
  • MPLS VPN Architecture
  • MPLS VPN Routing Model
  • MPLS VPN Packet Forwarding
  • MPLS VPN Implementation
  • MPLS VPN Mechanisms
  • Configuring VRF Tables
  • MP-BGP Session Between PE Routers
  • Configuring Routing Protocols Between PE and CE Routers
  • MPLS VPN Operation
  • Troubleshooting MPLS VPN
  • Complex MPLS VPNs
  • Central Services VPNs
  • Managed CE Router Service
  • MPLS Managed Services
  • Integrated Internet Access with MPLS VPNs
  • VPN Internet Access Topologies
  • VPN Internet Access Implementation Methods
  • Separating Internet Access from VPN Services
  • Internet Access Backbone as a Separate VPN
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering (TE) Concepts
  • MPLS TE Components
  • MPLS TE Operations
  • Configuring MPLS TE on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • Monitoring Basic MPLS TE on Cisco IOS

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Understanding configuring, managing and troubleshooting advanced features of BGP
  • Understanding implementing enhanced BGP features.
  • Understanding implementing and configuring MPLS VPN internetworks
  • Understanding troubleshooting common operational issues in MPLS Virtual Private Networks
This BGP and MPLS course will be added value to all professionals who are responsible for configuring, administering and troubleshooting a BGP network. It will also provide the advanced skills necessary for the future implementation of BGP or the migration to BGP across an autonomous system.
The attendees should have the following skills:
  • Knowledge of general networking and routing concepts
  • Basic knowledge of interior routing protocols (OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, RIP)
  • Basic Knowledge of accessing, configuring and managing Cisco IOS and IOS XR devices


(2 Reviews )

I am working in a leading service provider house for last 10 years and hence I have to upgrade myself with in depth knowledge of BGP and MPLS. I went to iNetwork Experts training institute in Ultadanga where I got Mr. Bipul Roy as a trainer. All my coaching classes throughout my course training were really valuable. Thanks to iNetwork Experts team.

- Amlan Sen

BGP and MPLS both are very well trained by Mr Bipul Roy. This training center is very advanced than others in Kolkata. I always prefer iNetwork Experts for any technical course that is network oriented. Thank iNetwork Experts for such a good guidance.

- Jyoti Manna

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Bipul Roy

Bipul Roy

CCIEx2 (RS/SP) #36690
CCIEx2 (RS/SP) #36690

Our Industry Expert trainer Mr. Bipul Roy worked in CISCO networking domain about 12 years and achieved double Expert level Certifications CCIE on Routing & Switching and Service Provider. He has Real World working experience from IT leading companies. 

Mr. Bipul Roy is not only CCIE but have 12 years of real world experience and have worked with several esteemed organizations like CISCO, IBM, AT&T etc. He has spent numerous years with different complex Networks, which make them unique in the industry. Now this is your chance to start your career and learn from the professionals.

Message from Mr. Bipul Roy:

"We provide training guarantee to get the JOB by your own, not fake promise of JOB guarantee. We prepare our Students such a way that they get JOB by their own knowledge. Most of our student get JOB before they finish their training. Because we believe on informative and smart training".

If you really want to Learn Technologies, you are Welcome to iNetwork Experts !!

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